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Is Mantra Effective? How Does It Work?



The nature of all creation is sound vibrations. “And God said let there be light” in Genesis. Thus the smallest units of our own body-mind-spirit are sound vibrations. When we chant mantras (which are scientifically designed patterns of vibrations by great sages who knew their effects,) we attune our whole being to the divine vibrations. Different mantras assist us to remove our accumulated karma in different ways.

The highest, most effective mantra is the Gayatri mantra, particularly the long version: Om Bhu Om Bhuvaha Om Swaha Om Maha Om Janaha Om Tapaha Om Satyam Om Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhi’mahi Dhiyo Yona’ha Prachoda’yat. This is the mantra recommended to all, whether Vishnu or Shiva or Devi worshippers. Children are initiated into it at 8 years old, the age that the ancient sages determined as being mature enough to be responsible for one’s own acts, karma. It is recommended to chant it first thing in the mornings, predawn and also at dusk, if possible. It is the only mantra to take the vibrations through the brain, keeping it healthy.

In chanting this mantra, one spiritualizes every phrase by beginning with Om. Each of the Seven Luminous Lokas are named, starting with Bhu/Earth, and simultaneously one should visualize taking our own energies (both prana and kundalini) through each chakra, including the 7th chakra, just above the head. The rest of the mantra takes us through our sun (Savitur) to Devasya, the dwelling place of the Devas/Devis (the Shining Ones,) then making our request to them to enlighten us: body, mind and spirit.

The Maha Mantra is correctly Rama first, then the line for Krishna, following their chronological appearances in the Earth plane. This is the mantra considered to be best for regular use in this Dark Age: Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare; Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

For healing, all Rama mantras are the best. Just chanting Rama Rama Rama . . . repeatedly will balance the currents (Ida and Pingala) in the body. Om Sri Rama Jai Rama Jaya Jaya Rama is called the Taraka Mantra, because like the Devi Tara, it takes you across the Ocean of Samsaras. This means it sands away a bit of your karma with every repetition.

The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra of Shiva defeats death and avoids accidents. It is often chanted by and for people with serious diseases. We also chant it before driving/riding in a car. It is Om Tray’ambakam Yaja Mahae Sugan’dhim Pushti Varda’nam Uvaru’kamiva Bhanda’nan Mrityor Muksheeya Mamri’tat.

There are many others for different purposes/attraction of certain energies. Lakshmi for abundance of all kinds, Saraswati for true knowledge, the arts, spiritual discipline, and Durga for protection from negativity, inner and outer. There are many Ganesha mantras for various purposes both esoteric and mundane.

All mantras ameliorate our karma. Chanting aloud is best for something you desire to manifest on Earth, including healing. Chanting silently is the most effective otherwise, because it is at the highest vibration.

[Sanskrit is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, unlike English.]


Glory of the Satguru


Once the celestial sage Narada had a question. He could not control his curiosity and went to the abode of Lord Narayana to know the answer.

Narada: O Lord! We have a question and We are unable to find the answer for it. We hope that You will tell us the answer. What is the benefit of meeting (having the darshan of) a Satguru?

The Lord: Narada, We have to ask you this question too since you are a Satguru. But you are asking Us this question.

Narada: You are the Puppeteer and the one who conducts deceptive dramas. Hence You know the answer. Could You enlighten Us and not play any mischievous game?

The Lord: Don’t worry Narada. You will surely get the answer to your question. Go to the city of Madurai on the Earth and there you will find a cow in a cowshed in the suburbs of the city. When you go there you will find fresh cow dung and a worm wriggling in it. You ask the worm your question and it will give you the answer.

Narada came to a particular spot and put his question to that worm. The worm heard the voice of the sage, writhed and died immediately. Narada was shocked and left the place quickly. He went to the abode of the Lord and recounted the incident to Him with anxiety. The Lord laughed. The Lord once again sent the sage to the city of Madurai. He directed the sage to go to a cowshed on the outskirts of the city and asked him to repeat the question to a newly-born calf. The Lord assured the sage that the newly-born calf will disclose the answer.

Narada went to the specified spot and waited for the birth of the calf. He gently patted the newly-born calf and asked it the question. As soon as it heard the voice of the sage, it wriggled and died instantaneously. Narada was upset and left the place immediately. Once again he went to the abode of the Lord feeling guilty.

Narada: O Lord! Enough of Your divine Leela! We are responsible for the death of 2 creatures. We will drop the idea of finding the answer to this question. We apologize to You for Our irrelevant question. Our quest to know the answer to Our worthless question has killed 2 creatures. O Lord! We take leave of Your abode without knowing the answer.

The Lord (rushing towards Narada and grasping his two hands): Narada, your question is very significant. Do not undermine it. You will surely appreciate the question if you know the answer. This time you go to the city of Varanasi and put your question to a newly-born prince.

Narada: O Lord, in the other two earlier occasions nobody noticed Us and We escaped from the spot quickly. This time We have to get the permission of the King of Varanasi to ask Our question. If the prince dies instantly like the earlier two occasions, We will be imprisoned by the king. Hence it is better to drop the idea of knowing the answer.

The Lord: Don’t lose heart Narada. We assure you that this time you will get the answer. There is no disgrace for those who make attempts to know the truth.

Narada went to the city of Varanasi and explained the matter to the king. Providentially, the king agreed with Narada. The newly-born prince was brought in on a beautiful platter and kept at the center of the royal court in front of the king and other dignitaries. Narada put his question to the royal infant and it died instantly. Everyone was shocked and our Narada got frightened and confused. The whole court was numbed by the death of the prince.

At this time, a brilliant light appeared in front of all and started talking:

“O celestial sage Narada. Accept my humble prostrations. I was a worm in the fresh cow dung. You asked your question. As soon as I heard your ambrosial voice, my body writhed and I died instantly. Because of hearing your voice, I left the body of an worm and was reborn as a calf. You asked me the same question in this birth as a calf. This time you patted me on my head lovingly. As a calf I got the opportunity to hear your voice as well as experience your touch. I was more blessed. My body wriggled and the life force left the body immediately. In my third reincarnation, I was born as a prince of a kingdom, a precious human birth. As an infant I heard your voice and got your gentle touch. My body shook and died on the spot. Now I have become this brilliant light and I am heading towards the abode of the Lord. O Satguru! O Narada! I attained this divine state because of your darshan and touch. The glory of meeting a Sadguru and obtaining his touch cannot be expressed in words. The thousand-headed serpent, Adisesha, the bed of your Lord Narayana, cannot tell the glory of a Satguru. Even the Trinity of Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) cannot express the glory of a Satguru.”

Narada thanked the Lord. Human beings understood through this story that the glory of a Satguru is indescribable.