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The Importance of Forgiveness by Cat Matlock, a Mantra Teacher Student


One thing about forgiveness is this:
Forgiving someone doesn’t mean they win. YOU always win when you forgive because your energy is freed to flow within you, dissipating sickness, disease, mental stress, etc. Forgiving means you move on and never means you have to associate with that person again and let them continue to harm you. You aren’t agreeing to be walked on. You are choosing to be at a higher level of greatness. One of the hardest challenges in my 25 year long process with forgiveness is that I have had to accept that there are people that I’ve needed to forgive that don’t even admit they ever did something harmful, mean, etc. I’ve had to forgive people I’ve never seen again and never got to confront them on their harming me. I’ve had to forgive my little self for being an ass, for being greedy, for lying when I was consumed with my shadows. And every time I say to myself or someone else, “I forgive you” I get lighter and brighter. I feel there is nothing more powerful than forgiveness because it opens the doors of compassion, releasing shame, releasing anger, and ultimately, profound love.

Summer Special on Ancient Power of Mantra and Ceremony, Third Ed., Vols. I-III.


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The Ancient Power of Mantra and Ceremony
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The new edition has corrections and an updated transliteration.  Volume III has additional material and pujas with corrections to the text and Sanskrit chanting.  Templates with more instructions to create more pujas and yajnas.

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